How Long Have You Been a Mortgage Broker?

InvestorFi was established in 2022 by a team of experienced brokers. The team collectively has over 60 years of experience. InvestorFi is dedicated to helping people get on the property ladder and start living the great Australian dream.

What Qualifications Do You Have?

At InvestorFi, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the very best in financial services delivered by experienced and knowledgeable mortgage brokers. Our team is accredited with Certificate IV Finance & Mortgage Broking, and between us, we have a wealth of qualifications ranging from MBAs to Bachelors. We firmly believe that knowledge is power and that sharing our knowledge is the best way to maintain a healthy democracy. On our website, you can access numerous articles and tools that are designed to share our expertise with you. We strive to ensure that our clients have all of their questions answered so they can make informed decisions about their finances.

What Are Our Duties and Responsibilities to You?

Mortgage brokers now have a legal responsibility to ensure that residential investment loans are responsibly provided under the National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Act 2009. This law, which came into effect on 1 July 2010, enforces regulation of these services to protect consumers from potential financial harm.

The National Credit Law provides strict guidelines on when creditors must reject credit applications, such as if the borrower is unable to pay with ease or their loan falls short of its intended goal. It also states that those in default under a SACC shouldn’t be eligible for more borrowing either.

National Consumer Credit Protection Regulations 2010

Are you Charging Fees?

No. Much like most Brokers InvestorFi is paid the trial commission by lenders over the lifespan of the loan. Some Brokers do charge be not us.

What Aggregator Do You Use?

At InvestorFi, we use Connective as our aggregator for mortgage broker services. Connective is an established provider in the industry, offering a variety of value-added services to support and enable brokers’ independent businesses. These include administrative support, customer relationship management systems, and other innovative solutions that allow brokers to manage their business operations much more efficiently. Additionally, Connective provides access to some of the largest lenders in the industry so brokers can get competitive pricing on mortgages and related products. This helps to ensure that brokers are able to provide their clients with quality products and services at competitive rates. All these features make Connective an ideal partner for InvestorFi; one that we rely on to deliver exceptional service to our clients every day.

Do you Operate Free From Direct or Indirect Restrictions?

Yes, InvestorFi operates free from any direct or indirect restrictions. We put our customers first with no outside interference in order to provide the best possible service and returns. Our platform is designed to invest without mandates or directives, allowing you to make your own decisions and grow your money in a safe and secure environment.

How Many Lenders Do They Deal With?

InvestorFi was established in 2022 by a team of experienced brokers. The collective experience of the brokers totals over 60 years. InvestorFi helps customers get on the property ladder and pursue their dreams of living in Australia.

Our focus is on finance strategy for Property Investors. We serve everyone from experts to newbies. Whether you’re an active or passive investor or need help getting started, we have the necessary skills to educate and guide you on your investment journey.

We are relatively new to Queensland, but our collective experience is well-established. Employ us. You have a team of specialists. Established in 2022 InvestorFi, we are individual brokers that have banded together to harness the collective power of brokers!

As investors, we enjoy sharing our experiences and knowledge with others who have the same passion. We are confident in the things we do, having tested them thoroughly, and always appreciate the opportunity to spread positivity…Cont.

What Information Will You Need for Your Home Loan Application? 

  • Clients will need to provide photo identification such as an Australian driver’s licence, passport or proof of age card, or two other forms of ID such as a birth certificate, citizenship certificate and pension card issued by Centrelink.
  • Proof of income is required for all borrowers unless the salary is paid into a – this can be bank statements for the last three/six months (casual employees), payslips and employment contracts detailing base wage; self-employed individuals must provide personal tax returns from two most recent years plus ATO Notice Assessment letter/accountant’s confirmation that tax returns have been lodged with ATO; business tax returns and financial statements showing profit& loss information over past 2 consecutive years if applicable. 
  • Rental income requires a statement from the managing/real estate agent + current lease agreement OR most recent tax return showing ownership details. Government benefits require a letter confirming the benefit amount while other incomes require documents too e.g investment shares etc.  
  • Living expenses breakdown needed in addition to rental expense estimates if earning rental income; existing property security needs rates notice w street address.

What Happens After you Apply for a Home Loan?

  • Applying for a home loan does not guarantee approval.
  • There are three levels of approval: pre-approval, conditional approval and full approval. 
  • Full approval requires the bank or lender to conduct a valuation on the property being purchased. 
  • The settlement period can take four to six weeks from signing the contract of sale until settlement day.


InvestorFi provides customers with a direct contact email address:

Customers can reach out to InvestorFi via this email address for any questions or inquiries they may have.


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This is what we do.

We are finance strategists in the Mortgage Broking industry, helping Australians build wealth through property investment.

Our sole purpose is to reinvent ways to keep the Great Australian Dream Alive. Because we believe it’s everyone’s right to the security home ownership affords our families and community. Yes, our niche is Finance Strategy for Property Investors, but it is not what we do that makes us tick;

Because property investment is a decisive step toward financial freedom, we cultivate lasting relationships with our clients. We ain’t just a ‘whame bam, see ya later man’ kinda outfit. In fact, our business is built entirely from our lasting relationships with our clients who have suggested us to their inner circle – their family and friends. That is a pretty big tick of approval and a sure vote of confidence.

This is How we do

What separates us from the rest?

Have you ever considered the difference between Mortgage Brokers?

A Broker worth their salt has a playbook of ‘scenarios’. They are finance strategies that have worked in the past. He will offer up one, two or even three scenarios that he thinks will work best for you. 

But the great ones challenge the status quo, strategising new plays that serve your unique situation and financial goals. They will study, visualise, and fine-tune before offering only the best scenarios that build a rewarding property Portfolio.  

They never let good be the robber of the best and only play to win!

InvestorFi is a group of finance strategists that will design a unique scenario for your state of play towards your long-term game plan.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Clients like Tony F. said: I couldn’t be happier with the service. Wayne was excellent in guiding me through and delivering a great investment loan. Very responsive and savvy investment brokers. Will continue to use their services in the next purchase. 

And like Kim, Wayne is extremely dedicated, professional and a pleasure to work with. He worked tirelessly to help me secure an alternate lender before the settlement date and was extremely prompt and clear in his communications with me. 


Robert wrote: Wayne is always very responsive and takes the time to lay out all the options in plain English.

Reviews like this make our souls sing. We’re in the business of helping people achieve real results that last!

So if you’re looking for a great Finance strategist like these incredible clients, you’re in the right place.

This is why we do

Gone are the days a single income could afford 2.5 kids, a pet, and a four-bedroom house in the burbs! 

At InvestorFi, our sole purpose is to reinvent the great ‘Australian Dream’. Because we believe it’s every citizen’s right to the security home ownership affords our families and community, not just for today but for generations to come.

But because it’s become so difficult, it requires complex solutions. One way is to seek finance strategy before purchasing a home. This way, you can leverage your full potential to live where you want to and invest where you can afford to. 

Property ownership has become a game of ‘finance strategy’, placing a premium on finance know-how. That is why we value education; our mantra is knowledge equals freedom, but knowledge shared is freedom multiplied.  

There is no drought; we have hit a new era with its epic challenges. Not everyone is up for the grind it takes to keep the dream alive. That’s why we also place a premium on camaraderie. We don’t see ourselves as a ‘hit and run’ service but as a hub and a way of life.